Update from 24. February 2020: Microsoft has shifted the date for this update to the second half of 2020.

​Changes ​in LDAP access

​​Microsoft's March updates include significant changes for domain controllers that also affect PAPAGENO's LDAP access to the Active Directory and require a patch for PAPAGENO.

Up to now PAPAGENO's LDAP connections to domain controllers were done with the transfer of credentials in plain text.

To prevent unsecured connections and force secure connections, Microsoft intends to enable LDAP channel binding and LDAP signing for domain controllers with ​its March updates. This means that after the update unsecured connections against the two standard LDAP ports 389 and 3268 (Global Catalog) will be rejected.

The corresponding PAPAGENO patch for your Windows or Linx installation can be found in our Patch section https://www.vipcomag.de/downloads/papageno/software/