PAPAGENO 6.0 is released


That’s new:

PHIB Server

The PHIB server accepts requests via HTTP, converts them into RPC calls from the Papageno server and returns the result via HTTP.
Default port 8888.

​Implementation in Python 2.7, the required runtime is included in the optional package.


​If the PHIB server is installed, there is also a daemon that joins multi-part SMS together. It evaluates the Omega configuration variable GD_SMSUSER and processes the documents of this alpha user (see gendrv


No procmon processes are started any more, the lambda monitors its child processes itself.

For Sandbox (Linux systems only): The Pi server, the SAP gateways and all daemon processes are also started in the sandbox.
​Processes entered in trusted.list are started outside the sandbox (e.g. xmlpostman).


​For daemon processes, the system searches for DM_LCMD, DM_LCMD0, DM_LCMD1,… until the series terminates, last parameter is DM_LCMD99.
If DM_LCMD exists, the process defined here is started. A ‘\’ at the end of the line acts as a continuation character, otherwise each further config parameter is appended with a blank and acts as a process argument.

PI Server

Uncompress is included, so all printers can be used on Windows.
​Even in special cases, all documents in pi/e are deleted after printing.


​The LDAP query whether a line has been assigned is now executed without language and dialog.
If the GD_… parameters are changed, the driver must be restarted.
Release Notes …