PAPAGENO works with different back-end devices, e.g. certain ISDN cards or modems.

For high fax or SMS volumes, use one or more PAPAGENO communication computers.

If you want to use all PAPAGENO services (fax, voice mail and SMS), you need an ISDN card.
For example, the SMS service can not be used via modems

The number of B-channels that can be used depends on the back-end device. The more B channels, the more faxes can be sent and / or received simultaneously.

Supported ISDN Devices

  • ISDN Cards
  • ISDN ROuter
  • PAPAGENO Communikation Server
  • Dialogic (Eicon) Diva with Server BRI (S0)
  • Dialogic (Eicon) Diva with Server 4BRI (4x S0)
  • Dialogic (Eicon) Diva with Server PRI (S2m)

The cards support the services die fax, fixed network SMS and voice mail.

Software Requirements on the Back-end Computer

ISDN cards require the CAPI interface and therefore only run under Windows and Linux

Hardware Requirements on the Backend Computer

Slot, S0- or S2m- interface. No other CAPI applications may be installed on this computer.

Number of B Channels

Dialogic (Eicon) Diva Server S0 Card:                   2 B channels
Dialogic (Eicon) Diva Server S2m Card:               30 B channels
Dialogic (Eicon) Diva Server 4-fach S0 Card:      4 or 8 B channels

Supported Analogue Devices

  • Modems
  • GSM Devices
  • Telex Adapter

All Modems that support the standard Class2 standard

  • Multi Tech Modem 56k zdx
  • US Robotics Modem 56k 5630B
  • Elsa Modem 28,8, 56k No longer available!

The modems support the service fax.

Software Requirements on the Back-end Computer

The PAPAGENO drivers are running on all platforms.

Hardware Requirements on the Back-end Computer

Corresponding number of serial interfaces (V.24). The interfaces must be modem-capable. The possible transmission speed must be at least 19,200 baud (bits per second).

Number of B channels

1 B channel