User Clients

VIPcom offers various clients to send, receive or convert documents to fax format.

Typically, users create their faxes in application programs such as Word or Excel. From there, they are converted to fax format (* .tif) either on the user or on the gateway computer.  See also Fax Conversion ...

Please note:

When documents are converted to fax format on the gateway machine, no client software is required on the user computers.

  • Fax  Printer  for  Windows  Apps
  • Sending  Directly  from  Apps

Fax Printers

With FAX printers, documents can be directly sent out as faxes from Linux / Unix or Windows applications (eg Word, Excel). The receiver fax number and, if necessary, the transmission priority, the desired dispatching time, priority and other transmission options are written directly into the document as control commands

The responsible fax printer interprets the control commands, evaluates them, converts the document to the fax format and transfers it to PAPAGENO.

This process can be automated via scripts or macros, e.g. for business processes.

Dispatching from Linux/Unix Applications

A PostScript-Dokument with control commands is sent from an application to the PAPAGENO printer faxps. This interprets the control commands, converts the document into the fax format and forwards it to PAPAGENO with all ´send options´.

The PAPAGENO printer faxpr interprets the control commands for fax transmission as well as for document appearence (bold, line spacing, barcode, etc.). faxpr converts the ASCII document into the fax format and forwards it to PAPAGENO.

The Unix Printer faxpspr converts ASCII or PostScript documents into fax format and forwards them to PAPAGENO.

Dispatching from Windows Applications

Documents from Windows applications (Microsoft Office, etc.) can be sent with control characters to the printer RedMon (free software). This converts the document into the PostScript or ASCII format and forwards it to the faxpspr printer (see above).

To convert documents to PostScript format a PostScript Level 2 license is required.