PAPAGENO - Document Conversion

The best way to create faxes is in a graphical or a word processing program.

The conversion to the fax format is carried out either on the gateway system or on the respective  user computer via a PAPAGENO printer.

  • Conversion  on  the  Gateway  System
  • Conversion  on  the  Client  computer

Fax documents created in a Windows application can be sent as email attachment to a fax address. Then, they are converted to the fax format on the gateway computer via the PAPAGENO MAPI connector or via a PAPAGENO Tool.

Fax conversion on the gateway system

Since the PAPAGENO MAPI connector requires the respective Windows program for conversion, all the Windows applications from which users want to send documents as faxes must be installed on the gateway computer. The versions must be compatible with the versions on the user machines, otherwise there may be problems with the conversion.


  • The CPU load for conversion is on the gateway computer.
  • For pdf and html conversion you only have to install the freeware and to activate the tools. Note that each office document can reach Outlook as a pdf.


  • Installation and maintenance of the Windows applications on the gateway system
  • Version maintance