XML Process Control Application Interface

The PAPAGENO XML interface connects the PAPAGENO fax system to the process-driven application software of your company.

XML Interface

A store with "projects" is created on the user's side. The application software places faxes to be sent to the output boxes of the respective projects. The PAPAGENO XML postman collects all output faxes and sends them via the fax server.
Status feedbacks of the transmitted faxes are placed in the input box of the respective project.

Incoming faxes are placed directly into the input system of the project in the store. For every received fax, an XML file is included which contains all data relevant to the fax. The process-controlled application can be programmed to read and evaluate data and fax contents.

Fax as a Service

If you do not have or want to have a PAPAGENO installation inhouse:

Use our powerful Unified Messaging server PAPAGENO in highly qualified data centers.

In this case, you only set up the stores with the projects. We take care of the rest.

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