Mail Gateways

  • SMTP Gateway
  • SAPconnect Gateway

If your mail server supports the Internet standard SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), connect to PAPAGENO using the PAPAGENO SMTP gateway.


With a PAPAGENO SMTP gateway, you can use SMS, fax, voice mail, and access your messages by phone.

An SMTP-enabled product can be used as an SMTP mail server (for example, Scalix, Open-Xchange, or Microsoft Exchange Server from 2007).

The mail client can be any product that works with your mail server. With a PAPAGENO SMTP gateway thousands of users can send and receive messages in their mail client interfaces.


Unix, Linux or Windows

Easy to Install

The PAPAGENO SMTP gateway is installed with the current PAPAGENO version. It is enabled by the entry of the license.

This Formats can be converted by the SMTP Gateway

Common formats like PostScript, ASCII, TIF as well as PCL, HPGL can be converted to fax format. Via MAPI also the formats of the Windows applications such as: .doc, .xls, .pdf.

When you use a directory server

... PAPAGENO reaches this via LDAP.

User-specific send parameters (header, identification (TSI), ISDN-sender identification, etc.) can be used, since the gateway accesses this database when sending faxes via LDAP.

If IMAP4 is used in addition to LDAP, you can access all your messages stored in the mail server via any phone. You can read e-mails and SMS messages, listen to voice mails, send faxes, and send time, sender, etc. of all messages.

Via the LDAP connection between the PAPAGENO device server and the directory server the user name is fetched from the user address database while "welcome on the phone".

Technical Data

Mail Server

SMTP Gateway

SMTP-enabled mail server (such as Scalix, Open Xchange, Unix Sendmail, Postfix, Microsoft Exchange-Server or Sun Java ES)

Operating system: Unix, Linux, Windows.

Can be installed on the PAPAGENO system, on a seperate system or on the mail server (mail server: port address must be changed).