Fax as a Service - Out of the Cloud

Streamline your IT structures and move all fax communication to the cloud!

Use our powerful unified messaging server PAPAGENO in highly qualified data centers.

Fax as a Service

You gain

  • data and operational security
  • reliability
  • bandwidth

You save

  • space
  • energy
  • costs*

*For fax software updates, administration, maintenance, fax lines and hardware, telephone charges

We do it for you!

We convert the fax operation in all your branches to fax as a service. Simple, fast and reliable!


You pay a page-dependent charge for sending and receiving faxes (traffic model).

Nothing changes for the employees!

Of course, employees continue to send their faxes from the programs they are accustomed to - be it from Office, from their own or from e-mail applications. Fax actions to many fax and e-mail recipients are possible without any problems, as are automated business processes that are handled via applications such as SAP.
And of course, employees keep their fax numbers!

With PAPAGENO, faxing is as easy as sending e-mails.

When you send an e-mail, a Word document or a PDF file to a fax number, it becomes a fax. As with an e-mail, the send status can be viewed and you receive a message after successful sending. You do not miss out on individual headers on the fax messages, nor do you miss out on a sender identifier (TSI). User data and fax numbers are managed from your location.

Incoming faxes are forwarded to the recipient via the data center

Faxes addressed to the local number are forwarded to the data center (by "rerouting", "call forwarding") and then handed over by PAPAGENO to the appropriate employees. The fax arrives at the employee's inbox or can be automatically integrated into a workflow.