System Requirements

  • Windows
  • Linux, Unix

The requirement are easily fulfilled by any commercially available computer. Component details are listed below.


  • Pentium system
  • 300 MB storage for the PAPAGENO basis installation
  • 256 RAM minimum (accordingly more RAM in case Microsoft Office is started to open fax transition)

The higher the number of open lines the higher the efficiency of the computer must be.

If faxes have to be saved in PAPAGENO you need:

  • Sufficient disk space for documents (even if an ALPHA server should run on this computer). Note that each page stored in the server requires about 60 KB; 10,000 pages: 600 MB. When using mail gateways, pages in memory are only temporarily held.


  • Windows 2008 or higher
  • NTFS partition for PAPAGENO

Network Requirements

  • TCP/IP-based network