Open-Xchange Together with PAPAGENO Unified-Messaging

Open-Xchange Webmail and Outlook can be extended with services like Fax, Voice-Mail and SMS with PAPAGENO. And that both over classical as well over VoIP Telefonie. On the road, PAPAGENO offers the possibility to access the data via the telephone.

PAPAGENO runs on Linux, Unix and Windows and offers the possibility to install server components distributed on computers with different operating systems - in small and large organizations.

A big advantage of this solution is the direct provision of messages (fax, SMS, voice mail) in the usual Open-Xchange Webmail interface or in Outlook. No change, no learning phases, no time loss, but immediate productivity!

And companies that streamline their IT structures, refuse manual printing and fax processes, and do not want to buy or manage expensive hardware and software, can simply use fax-as-a-service.​

Open-Xchange together with PAPAGENO Unified-Messaging