Secure Phone Access via PIN Code

Today, mobility and flexibility are inextricably linked to business world. Even without an Internet connection, it must be possible to access the "native" electronic inbox. The mobile phone or the telephone are useful devices for this purpose. With PAPAGENO this access was previously only possible via identical PIN and mail or network passwords. Considering that PIN codes can only contain numeric characters, this was a more insecure variant of internal corporate security

Solution: Via the mask of a CGI program, the user enters his mail password, the desired PIN and his telephone number one time. This automatically creates a formula, which is stored on the PAPAGENO server. If the user now calls PAPAGENO with his PIN code, the formula is resolved, the mail password is activated, and the user can listen to his voice mail, forward fax messages, and read his e-mails as appropriate What he wants and what services are provided in the company.

Access over Telephone PIN-Code
  1. The user deposes his PIN Code and password via a web form in PAPAGENO.
  2. PAPAGENO creates a formula from PIN code and password.
  3. The user dials his own extension number and authenticates using his PIN Code.
  4. PAPAGENO dissolves the formula and determines the password. This allows users to be identified and access their messages.